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We know how to find in every woman her uniqueness and make it stand out!

"I never thought I'd feel so wonderful on my wedding day but they did such a great job with my hair and makeup I felt like a million dollars."

- Natasha


1 / Can I pick my stylists for the wedding?

The only stylists you can personally select are your Lead Artist(s). Lead Artists are the stylists who will service the bride and VIPs on the wedding day. We then staff Supporting Stylists who service the bridal party and extended family members. Supporting Stylists are staffed based on availability and geographical location, so unfortunately we cannot have a bride pick who will be supporting the lead team.

2 / How long it takes to do hair & makeup / trial?

A typical hair or makeup appointment lasts 40 minutes. For bridesmaids or mothers of the bride, makeup and hair together take approximately one hour. In general, bridal hair and makeup take about one and a half hours to complete.

A two-hour time slot has been allocated for the trial.

3 / Do you work outside of London/overseas?

As well as working in London, our team also operates outside of London and overseas. For information on destination weddings, please contact us.

4 / Can my mom/bridesmaids do trials?

We limit our trials to the VIPs of the wedding: bride, mom(s), maids of honor. We do not offer trials for bridesmaids. VIP trials should be scheduled on the same day as the bridal trial.

5 / Can I pay on the wedding day?

To ensure your wedding day is streamlined and stress-free, we ask that your final balance payment is made a week before the wedding. We will send you one invoice to be executed via bank transfer, credit, debit or Paypal. Stylists will not collect individualized payments from bridesmaids.

6 / Can you adjust the wedding packages?

Depending on the number of people and services required, you can customize any wedding package.

7 / What do I need to bring with me to the wedding?

All you need for your wedding day is a lip product to touch up with once our team departs. We will come prepared with everything else you need for glam!

8 / Can you book more artists for wedding?

Our artists are all capable of performing makeup and hair services. In order to ensure a quick and stress-free wedding morning, there are additional artists added after each artist completes a maximum of three people.

9 / What if my venue requires your insurance?

We are a fully insured and licensed company. We can forward our COI to your venue within the year of your wedding.

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