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5 Things to Know Before Your Hair and Makeup Wedding Trial

Getting ready for your wedding trial but don't know how to prep or what to do first?


Sometimes you feel like you have a bad hair day or your skin is not at its best and your makeup doesn't last long during the day, but you don't want that on your special day. Not on your wedding day. After a decade in the wedding industry The Ivana Kostova Beauty Team, highly suggest that every bride in town should schedule their hair and makeup trial 2 months before their wedding plus understand the things you should know before the trial day. This way you have enough time to do any changes with your hair or any facials recommended by your hair & makeup artist. And because you want to look perfect, you'll look for a completely trusted glam team to make you feel confident and gorgeous on that day.

Aside from the wedding theme ideas (you can check the Top 5 Wedding Trends 2022 I posted for your reference), one of the most important things that a bride should prepare is a hair and makeup trial.

Let's not prolong it! So here are some tips on how to prep on your bridal hair and makeup trial:

Tip no. 1 - Your dream!

The trial session will go much smoother and easier if you have an idea of what kind of hair and makeup you want to achieve. So, drop it all! Drop all your bridal look dream ideas. That way, your glam team can create a masterpiece and bring out the best YOU on your big day. I know we're thinking the same thing. And yes, Pinterest is our holy grail and best friend when we're looking for hundreds of ideas. But don't forget that your hair and makeup artist has done this a million times so don't forget to ask about their suggestions and opinions.

So, come prepared!

Tip no.2 - Preppin' up

As I said, you really wanna have the best hair and makeup. Starting today, be consistent with your hair and skincare routine. Your stylist is amazingly talented but not a magician. And I have a few things to suggest.

  • Stay hydrated. Your water intake is one of the best suggestions I can give. Drinking consistently at least 2 to 3 litres a day would give you a lot of benefits, especially on your skin.

  • Get your hair trimmed and your brows in perfect shape. Your hair is your crowning glory and your brows will make your face lively and lovely.

  • A skincare routine is a must. Your consistent skincare routine should definitely play a big role on your trial day. You don't want to have even a tiny bump on your face. You can do facial treatments but make sure to stick with your skincare routine before the trial for the best makeup look result. Just be consistent!

Tip no. 3 - Bring it all!

Aside from bringing your ideal photos for your bridal look, don't you ever forget your starter pack.

  • Clothes and accessories. Your top or dress should be at least white or light in the colour of your wedding dress. Select a top and accessories that will somehow blend into your wedding gown and you’ll get a better picture of your big-day look.

  • Phone or camera. Are you not dying to see your before and after? Nowadays all preparations are gettin' posted on social media, so this is a must for your starter pack (if you agree, of course).

  • YOUR BEST FRIEND. What’s better than having someone there to compliment you when you’re looking your best? Your girl best friend, fianće, or any of your closest relatives.

Your starter pack is a must!

Tip no. 4 - The Day Before The Trial

For hair, it's better to wash it the night before the trial to regain the natural oil and avoid using any heated tools like a straightener or any heated hair tools. Your stylist wants your hair to be as natural as possible. And for your face, you can wear your regular makeup on so your makeup artist would know how you look on your everyday get up or you can just stick with your skincare and put nothing at all on your face. Whichever your hair and makeup artist preferred. That's why you must have constant communication and mutual understanding with your glam team.

Hair and face care on top!

Tip no.5 - Schedule it!

Settle your schedule with your glam team. A strategic call would be nice to make your appointment organized. Trials are held on weekdays during daylight hours – this allows you to get a true representation of how you’ll look on your wedding day and test the longevity of the styles. I allocate up to 2 hours for bridal hair & makeup trials, and up to 1.5 hours if hair/makeup only.

Communication is the key!

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